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This is a Satanic Pilgrim. The poetries on this page are completely my own creations.

My Poetries: They categorically deal with Death, bitter betrayals, seperations...
Because Life is bitter...deal with it...We Die because We Live...Betrayal is in Human blood and Seperation...
as Matthew Arnold had said...
"We mortal millions live alone..."
"...Who order'd that their longing's fire
Should be, as soon as kindled, cool'd ?
Who renders vain their deep desires ?-
...A God, a god their severance rul'd..."

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Gujarat Riot

City burns in hell fire,
No one to shed a tear on their pyre.
Providing fuel to the inferno,
Disbelief and hatred deep in their hearts,
Breeding apathy.

Ignorant brothers
Fight and kill,
Rejoice in their kin’s blood.
Blood thirsty demons
Rule their minds
And they quench
By spilling more.

They kill their fellow men,
Butcher the fellow women,
Not sparing their children-
They torch the unborn.

Fire in their hearts,
Fire in their homes.
Even the air is in fumes.
Darkened sky
Fills their hearts with fear
As the mind and soul
Sinks into the eternal abyss of hatred.

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Midnight Raven said...

What is life when we no longer cause harm to strangers but even to those we claim to love... even to ourselves.

I enjoyed this one; its honest... very honest.

- Midnight Raven

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