About my Poetry...

This is a Satanic Pilgrim. The poetries on this page are completely my own creations.

My Poetries: They categorically deal with Death, bitter betrayals, seperations...
Because Life is bitter...deal with it...We Die because We Live...Betrayal is in Human blood and Seperation...
as Matthew Arnold had said...
"We mortal millions live alone..."
"...Who order'd that their longing's fire
Should be, as soon as kindled, cool'd ?
Who renders vain their deep desires ?-
...A God, a god their severance rul'd..."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Air strike in a Countryside

The glittering glorious sun over head,
The smooth soothing breeze passing by,
The little stream flowing down the mountain high,
Flocks of little birds fly across the azure blue sky.

The tall trees waiving in joy,
The white sheep bleating in the distance-
A group of honey bees humming in a choir,
The air saturated in flowers’ colorful essence.

The buffaloes roaming about aimless on the meads,
Green and fresh for the cattle to feed,
The farmer boy running to meet his time,
While the little red bird sings in a chime.

Suddenly a croaking buzz in the air...
The aged farmer got up from his chair...
Up in the sky a formation of 'birds' *
Of not the usual but 'mechanical' kind*.

The wrinkled eyes gaze in anxiety
As they fly him by…
Moments pass…
And few droppings* fall from the sky…

A second’s silence…
And then his world sentenced to eternal oblivion.
Note: This poem is based on World War I. The War triggered by imperialistic aspirations of the forming powers of the world snatched away the beautiful, peaceful life of the innocent common people, people in the country side, who wanted no part of it.
'meads': Meads here means meadow.
'birds' : the word 'birds' as used in the closing portion of the poem is to mean Aeroplanes. Aeroplanes during World War I, were still in its early stages and their shape used to resemble that of a huge bird. The county folks, who were completely ignorant of the modern day developments in the field of science, could not help but imagine these aeroplanes to be 'big birds'.
'mechanical kind' : Here the words 'mechanical kind' is mentioned to give a hint to the reader that these 'birds' were not birds of feather, but resembled more like machines.
'droppings' : The term 'droppings' here is used to mean explosives/bombs which were dropped from the aeroplanes which had attacked the beautiful little town.

Friday, June 20, 2008

You and Me!

The night is young, So are the two hearts-
Beating in the rhythm of love,
As they lie together
Under the starry sky.

Fondling with her nimble fingers,
I whisper into her ear...
"You can hurt me...
But don't desert me, my Sweet heart!"
She leans over me...
Kisses my forehead...
And assures me with a loving smile-
"Dear, I am right here...
For you forever, oh dear!"

Tonight won't last forever,
The cool breeze will stop...
Only to blow never,
And our tender hearts
Will be scorched by the jealous Sun
I do fear!

So come now!
Let's live this moment forever...
And show the world how-
Two hearts pulled apart by "norms"
Can still be together...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Care Free

This life aint meant for me,
I’ve tried to put it all away,
But You don’t wanna see-
This life aint for me

Closed down in this concrete jungle
Free life beckons me…
Oh! I can see! I can see!
This life aint meant for me.

I wanna run,
Like a run-away truck
Along the green trees.
I wanna get swept away
Like a broken twig
By the foamy foamy stream…

The winnowing wind
Playing with my hair,
The birds chirping
And the scented air…
Oh so perfect! So serene!
I see, I see this life aint meant for me!

I have seen the sun
Rising from behind the buildings,
Wanna see it now set
Beyond those hills.
I have smelt

The burning coal and gas
Wanna smell

That summer breeze so fresh!

Life in the city
So busy and bold
Living in Nature
I want to grow old.

I walk…my feet stifling in the leather
My bare feet long to walk thither
Stepping on the cool green grass
And stamping the dew drops
In no care.

Life so free and pristine
Beckons me-
I dash out of my door

To embrace the life I adore...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Misery of a Mother!

This red earth is weeping in my arm
The air so calm
As if a storm will rise
From the dust of apprise
A good storm…
To wash away the sins,
But, alas! I hear none,
But the resonance of their guns.

Sworn to slit his brother’s throat,
The men of future learn no mercy doth.
Greeting fellow with sounds of bullet-
Hands which ought danced the ballet,
Load the heavy pellets.

The young eyes gaze the future in naught
Dying with a fear on their face
And bullets in their brain
Do they know they fight no ‘good war’ ?

Puppets in the hands of the rich,
They dig for a bluer sky,
Look up for a greener field…
But dark clouds gather all round
And the red Earth weeps on
Hoping to be washed away
By her salty tears…someday

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sweetest Revenge

Blood red blood trickles from my temple
Down the cheeks to my chin
Days have I wasted ample
But now I feel I did the right thing

Kiss of the lips soaked in deceit
Enough have I had with you
Forgiving you over and again
But even “seven times seven” too little for you

Anxiety breeds fear in my heart
Never ending but only replicating
Your touch worsening instead of soothing

My heart breaths fumes of distrust
Desire burning me deep within
Wish could set fire on your face

Don’t turn your back on me when am talking
Want to see you bleed to death
Am here today to kill you
Won’t leave until you die
Want to strangle that body real hard
And want to tear you up so bad.

Gujarat Riot

City burns in hell fire,
No one to shed a tear on their pyre.
Providing fuel to the inferno,
Disbelief and hatred deep in their hearts,
Breeding apathy.

Ignorant brothers
Fight and kill,
Rejoice in their kin’s blood.
Blood thirsty demons
Rule their minds
And they quench
By spilling more.

They kill their fellow men,
Butcher the fellow women,
Not sparing their children-
They torch the unborn.

Fire in their hearts,
Fire in their homes.
Even the air is in fumes.
Darkened sky
Fills their hearts with fear
As the mind and soul
Sinks into the eternal abyss of hatred.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Still the One

You came into my life
I felt you were The One…
Or rather, should I say,
You made me feel that way!

I was happy before you came,
But you made me even more.
I felt you were The One…
Or rather, should I say,
You made me feel that way!

We were good,
We were perfect,
We shower'd our love…
This way,
I felt you were The One…
Or rather, should I say,
You made me feel that way!

I thanked God a million times
For bringing you into my life,
At last I had someone
I could care for,
To care for me too.
Oh the feeling was better than good
I felt you were The One…
Or rather, should I say,
You made me feel that way!

Oh could anyone part us?
That question never occurred…
But one sunny day…
You gave the answer
Which I never expected.

I thought it was all my fault,
I took the blame
As I had for so many other times before
But Oh! this was a special one.

You didn’t forgive me…
Neither gave me a chance
But I thought you were right…
Cuz its not fair to forgive every time
But oh! Should I have known
There was some one else in your life!!
You blamed me…I took it
You accused me n I smiled…
Just to get you back!!Baby I would have done anything…
But oh! Should I have known…
There was some one else in your life!!

You left me…
You broke me…
You shattered me into pieces
But still I blamed myself for it
Not knowing why?
But oh! Should I have known…
There was some one else in your life!!
But oh! Then I saw
The ugly truth...
The reason for this all!
Realized it was all a sham
I figured out how fool I had been
To trust you blind
And blamed myself for it.

I don’t know why I
Still Love u as I did?
Don’t know why
I took the blame
And can’t even hate you one bit
Probably that’s why you left me, thinking-
“oh! What a fool this guy is!”
And I keep blaming myself for it!

Dark Life

Encircling dark clouds,
Hovering over me.
The smell of deceit.
Betrayal bitter in me.
Still tears making its way somehow...

The silent scream of breath,
Echoing in my heart.
Bleeding, scratched and bruised and battered,
My destiny summons me...

Undispelling darkness hovers around me.
Alone I stand in this empty street,
With the Demons watching over me...
And whipping me for every wrong step I take
And I abjure the way of Truth.

Darkness surrounds me
Like a blanket with no ends...
Entangled in my past sins
I strangle myself dead.

My miseries stretch like the desert sand.
Seven seas cannot quench my thirst,
The sun too little to quell the darkness...
And Darkness surrounds me.

My angel

The sun is shining,
And the breeze is blowing…
So the trees are swaying,
And the lake is trembling
But my heart is beating no more!

The birds are singing a merry tune,
The bells are ringing-
On the mountain top…
The waves are rolling
Forever on the sandy beach…
But I cant hear them anymore!

Wintry winds are freezing the world.
The rain has drenched the city lights…
The sunny beams still reach the earth…
But I don’t feel it anymore!

No am not dead!
Am just numb…
Numb to the world
Which has taken you…
Away from me.
Oh! I still love you
How, why, where you went!
No, no I don want to know,
I just want you back in my life.

I wasted a million tears…
I wasted a million years…
And am tired of wasting myself.
Now I just want to be with you.

You promised to love me…
More than any one couldAnd you did it…
I promised I’d always be with you…
But baby, am sorry…I couldn’t make it through.

You were always an angel,
And you flew to the stars…
And now you happily live with the moon and the sun
But am stuck in this stupid earth,
Regretting every second I breathe…
And longing to be with you
And be forever and forever yours.

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